What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Our dreams are the window to our unconscious minds. This is why we are often curious about the reason behind seeing someone in our dreams. What could it mean?


You might be wondering the same thing if you saw someone you know, or even a stranger, in your dream. People have been decoding the meaning of seeing someone other than themselves in their dreams for centuries.


So, let’s take a look at the top explanations for this scenario. Here’s what your subconscious mind might tell you when you see someone in your dream.


Someone Is Thinking Of You

A widely popular belief is that when you see someone in your dream, they are probably thinking about you. Well, that’s entirely false. This is commonly known as ‘dream telepathy,’ but no solid evidence supports it. Sure, that person could be thinking about you, but there’s no evidence proving this theory.

Seeing a Stranger in Your Dream

Seeing a complete stranger or someone from your distant past is common. It could mean a lot of things; you like them, have a connection with them or represent something important to you. It could even be your emotional attachment to that person despite never meeting them.

Someone Is Missing You

It is another misconception when you believe that the person you see in your dreams is missing you. It has more to do with you than the person you saw in your dream. So, a more plausible explanation is that you may be missing the person you saw in your dream.

Recurrent Dreams About Someone

If you see the same person in your dreams, it could mean that they are significant to you. They may be playing a major role in your lives, and you might have strong feelings for them.

Dreaming About An Ex

This typically means that you have unresolved conflicts or feelings for them. Perhaps you need closure from them or want to get back with them. Or it could mean the opposite; dreaming about them could indicate that you have moved on.


Understand what triggers your dreams. If it is unresolved feelings, consider confronting your ex about it since you are losing precious sleep over it. You could also focus on other things before going to sleep and distract yourself, so you don’t think about them too much.

Dreaming About Someone from High School

This is another common dream people have. It often indicates that you are running from a problem in your current life. Moreover, it could mean that you have unresolved feelings for that person or wish to get a fresh beginning.

Dreaming About a Crush

This often shows that we see our crush as a superior figure in our minds, like a hero. It doesn’t tell you a lot about your crush but rather an unfulfilled need you might have regarding the crush.

Ending Note

Our dreams are directly connected to the unconscious and subconscious levels of our minds. They can be quite interesting because your mind might be telling you something you are unaware of.


Embrace your dreams, think deeply about them and their connection to you, and understand what they could symbolize. It might be difficult to interpret dreams at first, so you should talk to someone you trust about them.





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