Dreaming In Color: What Is the Meaning of Colors in Dreams?

Did you know that seeing certain colors in dreams have underlying meanings?


Colors stimulate our emotions in dreams. In fact, we’re always dreaming in color, but we seldom remember these colors in our conscious minds. Most people think we dream in black and white, but actually, we dream in color; we just don’t remember the colors we see.


The colors in our dreams represent our emotional state and personality traits within the dream. If you want to understand what a certain color you have seen in your dreams represents, you’ve come to the right place.


Meaning of Colors in Dreams

Some people, specifically those exposed to black-and-white TV, see their dreams in black and white. However, most tend to see colors, specifically pastel ones.


If you remember a color you see in your dream, take note of it. Typically, the color you see the most in dreams is the most meaningful and important to you.


Here’s a look at popular colors and their meanings.


This intense color signifies a range of emotions, including passion, sensuality, and forcefulness. It can indicate a need to go out and have fun in a group, such as by partying. It could also indicate healing from an injury of sorts.


This is a positive color that represents calm, tranquility, and peace. It may indicate the individual feeling safe. However, since this is the color of sadness, it may indicate the individual is feeling bleak or hopeless.


Purple or violet may represent erotic feelings for someone. The magical and mystic color may also represent spirituality.


If you see the yellow color in your dream, it may have a positive meaning, such as seeking a solution, feeling hopeful about certain situations, or needing a change from the mundane.


This color represents restlessness, wanting to break free from the shackles of life, and seeking possibilities in everything. It represents hope, desire, and change.


Understanding the type of brown you see in your dreams is important. A dirty brown color represents illness and unease. However, a natural brown shows concerns about one’s roots in the form of family or moving to a new city.


Pink is the color of love, which is exactly what it represents in your dreams. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic love. It could also be familial love or emotions similar to love, like kindness, generosity, etc.


This represents wealth, power, and growth in dreams. However, it can also have negative connotations, such as jealousy.


Black is an increasingly common color in dreams. The most evident thing it represents is uncertainty. It could mean that you are undergoing a personality or life change that is uncertain or unfamiliar.


If you see white in your dreams, it could mean a lot of things, so you must take context into consideration. For example, it could mean new beginnings or feeling isolated, unprepared, and blank.


Gray is a highly subjective color in dreams and could mean a range of things. It could represent an individual trying to escape situations that give them anxiety. It could also indicate neutrality and protecting oneself from things.

When understanding the representation of colors in your dreams, you must always take color into consideration. So, if you see a color evidently in your dream, it could be your mind telling you something. Think about it!

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